Juego de construcción

    Kapla Ref. KAP40RL+RP22
    • Madera FSC
    • Fabricado en Marruecos
    • Pedagogía Montessori
    • Pedagogía Waldorf
    Peso: 1000 gr
    26,50 €
  • Descripción

    Las tablillas de madera KAPLA son un juego de construcción fascinante. Despierta tu creatividad e imaginación y afina tu destreza para hacer estructuras imposibles. Set de expansión 40 piezas mix 20 piezas de color naranja y 20 piezas en rojo. Se utilizan como plus para los sets básicos. Incluye libro con ejemplos de construcciones.

    This set of 40 beautifully colored wooden planks comes in a gorgeous lidded box for easy cleanup, convenient storage and perfect gift giving. Kapla planks are as simple or as complicated as imagination, so this toy grows with children to provide learning and wonderment at any age. Even grownups have fun creating fun and challenging structures.The Kapla planks are made of maritime pine, and proportions are ideal for creating many different structures, balanced without any form of fixing required. Introduce your child to the wonderful world of Kapla Blocks with this extensive 40 piece set, designed for maximum creative potential! These natural building blocks are wonders of architectural perfection; precisely cut to an exact mathematical equation of 1:3:15, they allow your child to create exquisitely detailed structures using just gravity, balance and imagination. No screws, snaps, glue, or other fasteners are needed. The silky smooth pine wood used to create these blocks was harvested in a renewable pine forest in Les Landes, located in Southwestern France. Untreated and unfinished, these blocks are an environmentally safe alternative to traditional blocks. They arrive in a sturdy wooden box adorned with pictures to jump start your child's creativity.

    Cofre de 40 piezas 20 piezas Naranja 20 piezas Rojo, KAPLA, dimensiones parox. empaque20 x 20 x 15 cm

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